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Once upon a time

Fromdreamtoplan was born during a cold Danish winter in 2014. I opened the blog for 2 main reasons: to keep updated my family/friends curious about my life abroad (the dream I managed to turn into a plan, into reality actually!) and to use it as a kind of “anchor” for myself- it wasn’t one of the best period of my life: despite my determination, being by myself in a new country wasn’t as easy as expected.

After a few months, it actually got better and absorbed by all the things to do I stopped writing posts. Then, in Spring 2016 this desire of wanting to share part of my experiences hit me again.


This time in another way, I didn’t want it to be a diary anymore but a place where anyone who stops by gets the motivation, inspiration and excitement to leave their comfort zone to finally start planning/set/pursuing that dream/goal they always wanted to accomplish. This doesn’t necessarily need to be a life-changing plan, it might as well be a simple thing like not buying presents anymore but actually starting making them or planning a solo-trip or cooking a new recipe or….well, I’m sure you have your ideas!

One of my friends once defined me as “a train of positivity” so I hope, dear reader, that through the lines of my posts you’ll be able to feel this energy and be encouraged to do something new or keep going with what you’re doing with some extra encouragement!

Of course feel free to comment and ask me questions (are there any topics you would like me to talk about?)… your support and feedback are very important!

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