What’s The REAL Value?


You’re walking on the street, a random one in a residential area, no one is around except you and your friend, trying to find out where the address of the destination you have to get to is.

You’re holding your phone in your hands, using the GPS, so let’s say you’re holding it more or less at the height of your chest.

Imagine, now, that in less than 3 seconds you realise your phone is not in your hands anymore and by the time you look up the guy who stole it from your hands has already managed to ride his bike until the end of the street.

You didn’t even see his face, his hands taking your phone or how he was dressed. You shout “HEY” three or four times in the middle of the street like if you were crazy. Actually, your friend thinks you’re crazy for a moment since she didn’t realise what was going on because she was also looking at her phone at that precise moment.

You panic. You totally panic.

Not for the phone itself but more for all the data and information stored on the phone and even more important, your monthly travel card (which is around £140) just renewed that morning which you kept in the cover of the phone.

What would you do?

I guess you understood that this really happened. It has been a couple of weeks ago now and yes, it still really bothers me each time I think about it but luckily time helps and I definitely see it as an experience….and from every experience you learn something, right?

In this case, I’ve definitely understood/learnt

  • to NEVER have anything important in my phone case
  • to hold my phone VERY firmly when I’m around
  • to not act impulsively like if it was the worst thing that it could ever have happen

Yes because the 3 seconds later I realised I couldn’t have my phone and travel card back I totally panicked. Like…TOTALLY. Luckily my friend was there with me and helped me to think rationally but I really acted as if it was the worse thing ever.

Once I got home though, changed all my apps and social media password, reported everything to the police and blocked the sim, I realised how impulsively and dumbly I acted.

True, I had loads of pictures, files and messages on my phone.
Yes, I had that phone just since a couple of months.
Yes, I lost £140 pounds.

But, is it really the worse thing ever it could happen? NO, AT ALL. There are many way worse scenarios which I don’t even want to think about.

Is there a solution? YES! I blocked everything, replaced the sim with a new one, my old phone is still okay to use and well I have a new travel card now.

This experience definitely opened my eyes to something I’ve always thought of but not really that much: giving value. 

My friend, being there with me was an enormous value. She helped me calm down, she helped me deal with the situation and was there for me. My phone and travel card had a value as well of course, but that’s a monetary value that yeah still, it sucks but in a way or another it can always be replaced or refilled.

I mean, it’s like asking would you prefer spending a special occasion, take Christmas, with your friends and family or would you rather be alone but with that TV/Phone/Anything you really desire to have?

I guess the first one, right? That’s because, for you, the time spent with friends and family has a greater value than that new laptop, even if you desire it since a while now and you can’t wait to hold it in your hands.

It might seem a very simple reflection, it actually is. I’m sure many of you thought about it already but I felt I wanted to share this consideration with you because after the experience described above I really became aware of how irrational is our immediate instinct to a reaction.

Wait, I’m not saying this is not normal, IT’S TOTALLY NORMAL!

But maybe next time let’s be a little less irrational and consider this 3 things:

  1. Is this really the worse thing could ever happen to me?
  2. Is there a solution?
  3. As far as it’s a thing I really liked/needed/used what’s the real value of this to me?

3 steps that are easier to state rather than to apply, I know but, as for everything, I believe that with practice it can become a mindset. A new mindset where the REAL value is the priority over the impulsive thoughts.


What about you, how do you attribute value in your life? Do you have any techniques to limit your irrational instinct and realise what’s really important? I’d love to hear from you!






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  • Reply Debbie

    Thank you so much, Lisa! This is a really valuable reminder. 🙂 Your blog looks really beautiful. Hope you are having a wonderful summer. Much loving — Debbie

    18/08/2017 at 7:03
  • Reply Michelle | michwanderlust

    I lost my phone recently in Bogota (I actually just mentioned it in a post I wrote about staying safe in Ecuador & Colombia) and I know exactly how you feel. I was more upset about the photos that I lost, more than anything else. And it’s a pain to have to change your passwords etc. But spending the rest of my time in Bogota without a phone did make me see – as you mention – that it’s not the worst thing in the world. There’s so much more to life!

    19/08/2017 at 5:35
    • Reply Lisa // Fromdreamtoplan

      Exactly! I’m sorry to hear about your phone but I’m very glad to hear you enjoyed your trip! 🙂

      22/08/2017 at 13:03
  • Reply Jess

    Totally love this post girl! And especially today where I feel like so many people need the newest technologies in order to feel fulfilled, we forget about the real value, which is amazing friends and family we have. <3

    22/08/2017 at 9:12
  • Reply Nicki

    What you have said is so true it’s the people that help us that are the most important thing and being grateful it wasn’t worse. Possessions can easily be replaced, people hold much more value.

    22/08/2017 at 9:49
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