Study Hard, Adventure Harder.

Today I have the pleasure to let the pen for writing a new post to a fellow blogger and adventurer! She’s Bri, blogger at and PHD student in conservation psychology. She’s a firm believer of the fact that doing a PhD is a perfect opportunity to not only grow your career but to go on adventures and travel while you do it and through this post, she’ll explain why. Enjoy the read! 🙂

We often come to a crossroads between furthering our career, or furthering our footsteps across the globe. It can be difficult to decide between exploring the world or accepting a job (perhaps one we have always dreamed about).I found a way of choosing a third road, a road right in the middle (well, kind of- I’ll explain why in a minute).

I choose a PhD. For those who are unaware a PhD (or Doctor of Philosophy as it is formally known), is a form of degree where you research full time and it generally takes 3 or 4 (often more) years to complete. You can research in many different fields or disciplines and if you are lucky you can get paid (via scholarship) to do your PhD. Many people could not think of anything worse than starting another 4 year degree after already graduating, I mean even with a scholarship, us PhD students are not earning full-time wages. I started my PhD in conservation psychology for many reasons (all of which you can read about on my blog), but one reason is so I could adventure, yes that is right on top of all the study I have more than enough time to go exploring.

However, I personally have not travelled internationally during my first year & a half of my PhD which is why I said I’m “kind of” exploring the world. But I didn’t lie, many, many PhD students do travel internationally multiple times a year. I wanted to write this post to give you all my tips on how to study hard, and adventure harder (these tips are not limited to PhD students)!

  1. Think small- Although I would love to travel to all corners of the globe, there is one important factor currently stopping me- Funds! To fulfil my restless feet, I go on as many short adventures as I can- these include weekends away, camping trips, and also short trips around Australia. There is so much exploring that can be done so close to home! Last year it was actually my new year’s resolution to travel (even a short distance away) at least once a month- I accomplished this easily and had so many new and wonderful experiences doing it.
  2. Take all opportunities- When you are at university or completing a PhD so many opportunities are advertised to you, these can include conferences, seminars, short-term research trips etc. Take all of the opportunities that you can, although I have not attended an international conference yet, so many PhD students are travelling overseas a couple of times a year to present their research, and trust me it is not all work and no play!
  3. Volunteer- Again, whilst at university numerous international volunteering trips are advertised, many of which are a cheap way to travel! Even better, you are helping people or wildlife in need & it looks great on your resume.
  4. Work hard and long- In order to go on as many adventures as I do, I have to work long and hard when I’m not exploring. Sometimes this means working 7 days in a row, to be able to take two days off for a quick beach trip. Not only does this ensure that my work is getting completed, it also means that I don’t feel guilty when I’m adventuring!
  5. Consider research- This one is for those of you who are not sure what you want to do after university, but enjoy learning and researching. Consider a PhD, as I said before you can research almost anything! I am lucky enough to get to research my two passions, shark conservation and ecotourism as my job. If the idea of research, and exploring the world (or your own country) appeals to you, a PhD may be the answer!

Happy adventuring everyone!


Have you ever thought about/experienced combining studying and travelling? What is your opinion about it? I’d love to hear from you! 🙂



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  • Reply Shirley Corder

    Lisa, this is a fun and a challenging post. I love the comment, “Think Small.” Normally we are challenged to “Think Big!” This encourages me to do some of the “small things” and visit some “small places” near by. Thank you!

    26/05/2017 at 14:05
  • Reply Image Earth Travel

    Great post and photos!

    29/05/2017 at 11:24
  • Reply Kate

    This is such an inspiring post! I especially love the “think small” idea; it’s so easy to think that to have a good vacation you have to spend at least a week and a lot of money, but there are so many smaller, more local opportunities available.

    29/05/2017 at 16:15
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