Review: Brunch at The Breakfast Club

Happy Sunday everyone!

Another Sunday Suggestion post is ready and this means (yeah many of you will know by now..) I’m reviewing a place I’ve recently been to!

I’m talking about Breakfast Club, a breakfast/brunch chain present in London and Brighton. My friend and I enjoyed a very tasty brunch at the London Bridge Branch. What we’ll definitely remember for next time is to BOOK IN ADVANCE (still didn’t get used to this despite it’s been 8 months now that I live in London!). We had to wait for 20 min but it was worth it!

I had a (gluten free) sweet potato salad with Benedict eggs, while my friends ordered: a vegan-option English breakfast, strawberry pancakes and an avocado toast. Everyone was pretty happy, especially for the portion, very filling!


What I mostly loved about this place though is the American-styled interior design, it kind of felt like being in a movie or series of the 90’s, so cool!

Of course, all the details matched perfectly the theme of the cafè and are pretty unique.

As prices, they are on average with the typical London prices for a brunch 😉


Moving on to the second topic of the day…this time I picked up posts of fellow bloggers inherent to a subject that I think is hitting many students during this period: finals and how to deal with the stress about them! 🙂

About this, Abby from wrote this short “How to stay sane during finals” guide which is very helpful if you’re in a total panic! also wrote this pretty useful post which I can very much relate to, especially to tip #1 Start Early! I feel like I’m much more productive when I wake up early and well, if you’re not too much of a morning person, Erin from listed 3 Hacks for Students to Start the Morning on the Right Foot which I’m sure will help you on that 😉

While, if you’re at a level where you really feel overwhelmed and with no motivation at all then try to whisper yourself one of the things listed by Heather Anne from in this post here 🙂

But you know what? Sometimes the best way to de-stress is a genuine laugh and for that, you can simply head to, Allison and her ” 5 random thoughts I’ve had today” post series (like this post ) will make you giggle for hours! 🙂


Hopefully, these suggestions were useful!

Have a lovely, shining and overjoyed Sunday dear readers!


Oh, I have a news! From today, I’ll be doing a “Sunday Suggestions” INSTAGRAM VERSION: on my Instagram stories I’ll share with you some of my fav Instagram profiles (there are so many lovely ones out there and I feel like everyone should know! 🙂 ), so if we’re not connected on Instagram yet, click HERE, I’d love to connect with you!



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  • Reply Arielle

    Only 20 minutes?! That’s small potatoes compared to LA or San Francisco!

    20/05/2017 at 23:20
  • Reply Laila

    My workplace is really close to The Breakfast Club but I’ve surprisingly never been. There’s always a long queue outside which puts me off going, but since you can book in advance I might do that! Food looked delicious!

    21/05/2017 at 13:15
  • Reply Shirley Corder

    How cool to have a Sunday Breakfast! We used to have that when I was a child growing up. My dad always cooked bacon and eggs and fritters. Yummy! When I smell bacon sizzling in the pan I still remember my kitchen when I was a little girl! Today I grab a bowl of muesli while I put on my makeup and get dressed for church. Hmm. Maybe I should make Sunday Breakfast a regular for another day of the week! Today, I’m reminded It’s a Wonderful World!

    22/05/2017 at 12:43
    • Reply Lisa // Fromdreamtoplan

      Oh yes, it’s definitely one of my fav things! Thank you for your comment Shirley! 🙂

      23/05/2017 at 15:52
  • Reply Allison

    Love it!! Thanks for the mention Lisa!! ❤️

    23/05/2017 at 5:11
  • Reply Larice

    Next time I go to London I am desperate to try and find the Breakfast club! Really want to try the food there. The food looks amazing! X Larice

    23/05/2017 at 14:02
  • Reply ELLA

    Hey lovely! I tagged you in the Travel Tag: xxx

    24/05/2017 at 22:31
  • Reply Debbie

    Cool Lisa! What a neat looking brunch place. Your meals sound delicious!!

    Also love your sharing other blogs, especially the newest version of sharing profiles on Instagram. Cool – very caring of you.

    Much love, Lisa,
    Debbie 💓

    28/05/2017 at 0:04
    • Reply Lisa // Fromdreamtoplan

      Thank you Debbie 💓 You’re always so supportive, I hope you’re having an amazing weekend 🙂

      28/05/2017 at 18:53
  • Reply Giulia

    Simpaticissimo questo post! ed è proprio vero, una risata è spesso il miglior rimedio allo stress, bisognerebbe ricordarlo e poterlo fare più spesso!!

    28/05/2017 at 18:25
  • Leave a Reply