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I’ve been nominated for the first time for a TAG from londoner18 from theguywhosaidalwaysno, thank you very much! By the way, I strongly suggest you to stop by his blog…he posts awesome recipes and much more!

I really like the idea of this TAG since it’s connected to my travel experiences!

The tag is originally in Italian but since my blog is in English I translated the rules and the method 😉

The rules are:
1. Cite the creator of the tag: Una vita non basta
2. Insert in the post the tag picture (I’m sorry but this can’t be modified so it’s in Italian :))
3. Answer the 10 questions
4. Nominate 10 bloggers, in particular who loves travelling, and advise them about the nomination
5. Use the tag “ipostichetag” when publishing the post
6. Cite the creator of the blog as 11th in your nomination list


Now here are the questions and my answer ( I have to admit it took me a while to answer because I have maaany places of which I have great memories! )



Can I cite 3? haha 🙂 There’s a specific reason for each of them:
Padova, Italy – My hometown, where I grew up and lived for 18 years…I have to admit that I didn’t totally appreciate the city when I was stable here but now that I live abroad I’ve realised how precious this city is (I will tell you about it more in a separate post 😉 )
Nice, France – Again for emotional reason I’m really tied to this city. My granny was born and raised there even if she lives in Italy now we still go there at least once a year but I totally felt in love with Nice last year when I had the opportunity to live there for a month while attending french school….I strongly recommend it!
London, UK – Yes, I know quite clichè but London is a city that despite the fact I’ve been there many times I’m never tired to go back! Plus, I can’t wait to live there from September, it’s like a dream coming true!!


Even in this case I do not have just one! Especially because of my study program (you can read about it here) I have the possibility to study and live in many cities so I will  cite the ones in which I have the best fun memories: Leuven, Belgium and Nottingham, UK.


Berlin, Germany has definitely been a significant trip for me. Unfortunately I stayed there just a few days so I have the feeling that I’ve seen just 10% of what that city offers. Despite this, all those monument connected to the history events happened there made me think and reflect a lot.


I hope I won’t offend anyone by saying this but unfortunately the place which disappointed me the most has been Athens, Greece. I went there 3 years ago, I found the city really dirty and in messy conditions. The Acropoli part, the ancient Roman building and the park around there, was definitely a memorable tour but unfortunately I didn’t enjoy the city itself…


As I said in a previous post Ghent, Belgium definitely surprised me (to have more details, check this post 😉 ) but I admit that also Florence, Italy was a nice discover. I’ve been there when I was a child and I didn’t have a great memory about it. Then, since one of my dearest friends studies there, last year I went back and I totally felt in love with this city!


I known, I’m Italian and I should list you all my tasty memories from Italy but even if I love my home country food I have to say that I have wonderful tasty memories from Beijing,China and Shanghai, China. During my stay in China I totally realised how our Chinese restaurants dishes are not at all tasty as the one I’ve tried there of course. I had the possibility to taste a home made meal cooked by a Chinese woman which hosted us in her house and it was AMAZING, and well…not to mention street food, what would I do to have it here with me right now!! Okay, I have to admit that I also had not really tasty experiences (like ordering, without knowing how to read Chinese, caramelised duck foots…) and didn’t like some of the things I ate but it was really interesting to try them!


Again, I could cite more than one place where I lived memorable moments but that moment in New York, US when I got out from the cab and realised it was real, I was there is a unique memory. That feeling you have when you walk through the streets of New York between those buildings which you can’t even imagine how high they are…. I don’t know, it just felt so incredible, or maybe it was because I was a teenager and all the series I was watching at that time were shooted there… in any case, I will remember that moment forever.


Even if I’ve been there for many different occasions I will say Venice, Italy because it’s the first day trip I made with my ex-boyfriend and  I really have a great memory of that day.

          9. …YOU’D LIKE TO GO BACK

There are many places I would like to go back one day, I’m always curious to see how the city and the environment in it changed or return to places where I lived memorable moments but if I have to pick a city I would say Istanbul, Turkey. I really left my heart in this beautiful and coloured city!

          10. ….YOU’D LIKE TO GO

Oh well, I will report the quote of Susan Sontag: ” I haven’t been everywhere but it’s on my list.” I couldn’t agree more! But, I will confess that on top of my list there’s Canada, Spain and Thailand 🙂


I’m going to nominate:


I hope you’ll be pleased to participate! 🙂



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  • Reply Giulia

    Thanks for the nomination, lovely! x

    22/06/2016 at 15:06
  • Reply Lara Garvie

    A great read and thanks so much for nominating me! Very honoured 🙂 I must say I was surprised to hear Athens wasn´t all it´s cracked up to be but Im glad I checked this as I was considering going there for a trip soon but I might choose another Greek destination instead. Great info as always x

    22/06/2016 at 16:08
    • Reply Fromdreamtoplan

      I’m happy to read this Lara! Thank you, you are always so nice!😘
      Yes, form my experience I would definitely recommend another city! I’ve heard Rhodos is very nice! 😉

      22/06/2016 at 16:28
      • Reply Lara Garvie

        Aw, as are you! Ooh yes Rhodos looks beautiful. I was also looking into Samos 🙂 x

        23/06/2016 at 14:04
  • Reply rachelle renée

    Aw, thanks for the nomination!

    22/06/2016 at 17:07
  • Reply Debbie

    What a great post!! I relate to so much of this. Got engaged in Venice…. Love Florence…. Live in NY… Blessings to you! 💜

    23/06/2016 at 3:12
    • Reply Fromdreamtoplan

      Wow, what a coincidence! Well you definitely have a great memory of Venice then 😉
      Thank you Debbie, you’re always so sweet <3

      23/06/2016 at 8:27
  • Reply sileas

    Thanks for nominating me 🙂 I’ve never seen that tag but I certainly enjoyed reading this and it’s always interesting to read other’s travel stories 😉

    23/06/2016 at 15:02
  • Reply thejouskablog

    Great tag! I loved your answers. There are so many countries that I want to visit! 🙂

    24/06/2016 at 22:14
  • Reply Minaxi

    That is one of my fav quotes 🙂 And I can totally relate to your feeling when you landed in NYC 😀 Thats exactly what I felt too 🙂 Loved reading your answers 🙂

    28/06/2016 at 22:33
    • Reply Lisa // Fromdreamtoplan

      Yess right?! Such a unique feeling!!
      Thank you Minaxi for the nice comment and for reading! 🙂

      28/06/2016 at 23:00
  • Reply Arianna Rose

    I’m amazed at all the places you’ve visited. I always get the same feeling in NYC as well. It’s hard not to be mesmerized by that city!

    29/06/2016 at 1:35
  • Reply Lulu

    Loved reading these beautiful memories from your marvelous travels. You inspire me! I long to fill my passport with stamps from across the globe, but until I am able to make that dream a reality, it is delightful to read all about your experiences. Thank you for sharing them!

    04/07/2016 at 1:06
    • Reply Lisa // Fromdreamtoplan

      Oh I’m glad you liked the post! Thanks for commenting 🙂 I hope you’ll be able to make your wish come true soon 😉

      04/07/2016 at 19:42
  • Reply Emma

    I have loved reading this tag ! It makes me want to travel so bad !!
    Great post girl 🙂 xx

    15/08/2016 at 7:55
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